The Problem

Many church planters, churches and nonprofits find themselves limited in their ministry ability because the planter, pastor or other key leaders spend too much time involved in administration.  New churches often grow because the church planter applies strong catalytic skills to generate activity where there was none.  As the church plant grows or even as the small church begins to enter the mature growth phase, the need for organizational skills increases dramatically.  These issues can lead to ineffectiveness, financial mismanagement and even legal issues.

The SOlution

By providing centralized church network resources to church planters, churches and nonprofits, we can help them experience faster growth and avoid the administrative vortex and be able to focus on the true purpose of their church and organization.  Church Network resources will not relieve pastors and leaders of all of their administrative responsibilities, but it will give them significant assistance.

The Benefits

  • Each group receives the services of a full-time, highly skilled professional for the cost of a part-time employee with minimal skills.
  • Each group is connected to a full-time office presences, giving them a more stable and professional profile in the community.
  • The community receives consistent access to complete information about the group's activities and availability of the pastor.
  • Faster growth can be achieved, giving the church or organization critical momentum with which to break the small church/organizational barriers.
  • The account manager can set-up and manage information systems, providing leaders with critical information in a timely manner.
  • The account manager can train and manage part-time and/or volunteer office staff to answer the phone, set appointments and perform tasks.
  • The account manager can maintain financial and payroll records as well as produce required reports, either personally or through contracted services.
  • The account manager can research and supervise the implementation of cost-effective promotional and logistical solutions.
  • The pastor and leaders avoid burn-out resulting from overwork in areas that can be delegated.  We hear fewer " We almost ruined our family..." testimonies.  Pastors, evangelists, and creative worship leaders as well as nonprofit leaders are freed to function in the areas of their giftedness.  The Kingdom wins!